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Historical Paintings

Baraset House Fine Art Gallery is a specialist dealer in Historical Paintings from the 16th to 20th century, with a focus on Female Artists, Important Historical Portraiture, Provenance & the History of our Sitters.

We offer a finely curated selection of Old Masters,

19th century works of art, Early Scottish Impressionists,

Female Masterworks, Canadian Impressionists

& Modern British Masters, focusing on works with outstanding Exhibition History and Provenance, including Works of Art formerly in Royal & Nobel Collections.

Our current stock includes such celebrated artists as:

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann The Stocking Mender 1868_edited.jpg
A Fragile Legacy:

Baraset House offers an outstanding collection of 17th century Japanese Arita porcelain

Baraset House offers a superb collection of Japanese porcelain produced in Arita during the Golden Age of early enameled porcelain. The brilliant milky-white porcelain produced on Kyushu Island became known as 'White Gold' to European nobility and aristocrats - after the closure of the majority of kilns at Jingdezhen due to the dynasty change from Ming to Qing in the mid-17th century, the Dutch East India Company turned to Japan to fill its large orders of porcelain being shipped to the ruling houses of Europe.


The European obsession with Chinese & Japanese porcelain during the 17th and 18th centuries cannot be overstated - countless royals and nobles of Western Europe suffered a maladie de porcelaine; the most fanatical being King Augustus The Strong of Saxony who was famously known for trading an entire regiment of his Saxon Dragoon Guards for a group of the coveted porcelain pieces. By the fall of the Ming dynasty in 1644, a system of stylized overglaze enamelling on milk-white porcelain began developing in Arita which has been credited to the Kakiemon family -  these pieces created a sensation when they began to appear in Europe in the mid to late seventeenth century.

Baraset House is proud to offer a collection of important early Japanese porcelain from the 17th century kilns of Arita, including an outstanding example from Augustus The Strong's original collection and numerous exceptionally rare, unrecorded and striking early examples of Ko-Kutani, Ai-Kutani, Kakiemon & Ai-Kakiemon.

Discover the illuminating art of The Canadian Impressionist school and the early avante-garde artists of Canada,

with a focus on female Canadian painters and pioneering artists

who lit up the Canadian art scene in the first half of the twentieth century.

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