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CADA | The Canadian Antique Dealers Association

CADA launches

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In 2020, The Canadian Antique Dealers Association launched a new online cross-Canada dealer Marketplace. Baraset House Fine Art is proud to be a Member of the Board of Directors for CADA.


Collector's Focus:

A finely curated collection of Japanese Arita porcelain from the Seventeenth Century

Baraset House offers a superb collection of Japanese porcelain produced in Arita during the Golden Age of early enameled porcelain. The brilliant milky-white porcelain produced on Kyushu Island became known as 'White Gold' to European nobility and aristocrats - after the closure of the majority of kilns at Jingdezhen due to the dynasty change from Ming to Qing in the mid-17th century, the Dutch East India Company turned to Japan to fill its large orders of porcelain being shipped to the ruling houses of Europe.

The European obsession with Chinese & Japanese porcelain during the 17th and 18th centuries cannot be overstated - countless royals and nobles of Western Europe suffered a maladie de porcelaine; the most fanatical being King Augustus The Strong of Saxony who was famously known for trading an entire regiment of his Saxon Dragoon Guards for a group of the coveted porcelain pieces. By the fall of the Ming dynasty in 1644, a system of stylized overglaze enamelling on milk-white porcelain began developing in Arita which has been credited to the Kakiemon family -  these pieces created a sensation when they began to appear in Europe in the mid to late seventeenth century.


Baraset House is proud to offer a finely curated collection of important early Japanese porcelain from the 17th century kilns of Arita, including an outstanding example from Augustus The Strong's original collection and numerous exceptionally rare, unrecorded and striking early examples of Ko-Kutani, Ai-Kutani, Kakiemon & Ai-Kakiemon.

Gallery Spotlight:

A Female Masterwork from Queen Victoria's Royal Collection

Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann (1819-1881)

The Stocking-Mender

This masterwork by trail-blazing Danish artist Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann was originally purchased at the Berlin Exhibition of 1868 by the Crown Princess Victoria of Prussia and gifted to her mother, Queen Victoria, for Christmas at Osborne House 1868. By descent to Edward VII, George V, then gifted to Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, thence by descent to her daughters the Princesses Helena Victoria and Marie Louise.  After the death of HRH Marie Louise in 1957, the work was sold through her estate, thereby entering the market for the first time since it was exhibited in 1868.


It is highly unusual for an object to leave the Royal Collection, making this work a staggeringly rare example of a painting that had been in the hands and homes of the British Crown for almost a century.

Jerzy Miskowiak's 2018 definitive work on Female Master painter Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann presents for the first time her life work as a whole. Miskowiak has documented and illustrated much of her vast production.

Several paintings previously missing or considered lost are included in the book, including the present Masterwork formerly in the British Royal Collection - The Stocking Mender.

The Stocking-Mender Jerichau-Baumann 186

Gallery Highlight :

A Selection of our Historical Paintings, spanning 400 years of Fine Art

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Baraset House Fine Art Gallery offers a collection of Paintings spanning centuries, styles and countries. We are specialists in Old Masters paintings from the 16th to 18th century, with a focus on Important Historical Portraiture, Provenance & the History of our Sitters.

We offer a fine selection of 19th century works of art, Early Scottish Impressionists, Female Masterworks & Modern Twentieth Century works.

Our current stock includes celebrated artists such as Andrea Soldi, Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann, John Hoppner, John Thomas Seton, Adolphe Jourdan, James Inskipp, William Stewart MacGeorge, William Mouncey, Sir Frank Brangwyn, Sir Cecil Beaton, Francesco Albani, James Eckford Lauder, John da Costa, Anton Bertzik, Victor-Joseph Chavet, & Rene Clarot. Chosen for outstanding Exhibition History and Provenance, including Works of Art formerly in The British Royal Collection.


Specialists in 17th-19thc Portraiture, Old Masters, Early Japanese Porcelain, Fine Antiques & Decorative Arts


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