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Historical Paintings

Baraset House Fine Art Gallery is a dealer in Historical Paintings from the 16th to 20th century, with a focus on Female Artists, Important Historical Portraiture,

Provenance & the History of our Sitters.

We offer a finely curated selection of Old Masters,

19th century works of art, Early Scottish Impressionists,

Female Masterworks, Canadian Impressionists

& Modern British Masters, focusing on works with outstanding Exhibition History and Provenance, including Works of Art formerly in Royal & Nobel Collections.

Our current stock includes such celebrated artists as:

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann The Stocking Mender 1868_edited.jpg
A Fragile Legacy:

Baraset House offers an outstanding collection of 17th century Japanese Arita porcelain

Baraset House offers a superb collection of Japanese porcelain produced in Arita during the Golden Age of early enamelled porcelain. The brilliant milky-white porcelain produced on Kyushu Island was known as 'White Gold' to European nobility and aristocrats - after the closure of the majority of kilns at Jingdezhen due to the dynasty change from Ming to Qing in the mid-17th century, the Dutch East India Company turned to Japan to fill its large orders of porcelain being shipped to the ruling houses of Europe.


The European obsession with Chinese & Japanese porcelain during the 17th and 18th centuries cannot be overstated - countless royals and nobles of Western Europe suffered a maladie de porcelaine; the most fanatical being King Augustus The Strong of Saxony who was famously known for trading an entire regiment of his Saxon Dragoon Guards for a group of the coveted porcelain pieces. By the fall of the Ming dynasty in 1644, a system of stylized overglaze enamelling on milk-white porcelain began developing in Arita which has been credited to the Kakiemon family -  these pieces created a sensation when they began to appear in Europe in the mid to late seventeenth century.

Discover the illuminating art of The Canadian Impressionist school and the early avante-garde artists of Canada,

with a focus on female Canadian painters and pioneering artists

who lit up the Canadian art scene in the first half of the twentieth century.

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