Kakiemon, Arita kiln, c.1690

A fine Kakiemon enamelled deep dish of nigoshide porcelain

Genroku era (1688-1703)

delicately enamelled in the Kakiemon style 

with a frolicking shishi Lion and sprays of flowering Peony

circa 1690


Measuring 13.9 cm (5.47 in) in diameter; 4.4 cm (1.73 in) in height.

An exceptionally well enamelled and very finely potted foliate shallow bowl, the body of luminescent white nigoshide porcelain with milk-white glaze, painted in the Kakiemon palette of iron red, brilliant blue, turquise green and pale yellow with black outlining, depicting a frolicking shishi alongside classic Kakiemon flowering peonies.

The reverse is typically undecorated. A spar mark to the glazed base, some kiln-grit adhering to the interior of the unglazed footrim.

This bright white nigoshide body is a fine example of the white porcelain paste and pure glaze used for only the finest enamelled wares of this period. This body, composed of kaolin and petunste, achieved purity through a time consuming process in which the Arita potters repeatedly levigated and washed the clay.

An excessively rare and pleasing pattern.

Kakiemon, Arita kiln, Nigoshide bowl enamelled with frolicking shi-shi, c1690

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