Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann (Danish, 1819-1881) 'Egyptian girl with wine jug', 1870

also called 'Fellahine et sa cruche'

inscribed 'Cairo 1870'

signed 'E. Jerichau' lower left

signed 'Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann' lower right

drawing on paper


This important drawing was executed in Cairo on Ms. Jerichau-Baumann's first trip to Egypt in 1869-70. Ms. Jerichau-Baumann sketched while travelling, and based her large oil paintings for exhibition in Europe upon her sketches. A correponding painting entitled 'Arab woman with wine jug' was later completed in Europe based entirely upon the present drawing. Several of her later paintings take inspiration from the model & costume in this drawing, including 'Water Carrier' (1875), 'Egyptian woman with child, unfinished' and 'An Egyptian fellah woman with her child' (1872), 'Esther, Egyptian woman' (1874), 'Pottery Seller' (1876), 'Pottery Seller near Gizeh' (1876-78).

Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann (Danish, 1819-1881) ​"Egyptian girl" Cairo 1870