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A rare Ai-Kakiemon type Arita incense burner (koro) painted in the Kano style of painting with anglers by a river landscape


Arita kiln, Hizen province, Japan

Early Edo period (late 17th century)

Genroku Era (1688-1704)


Rather small and thickly, yet finely, potted biscuit-fired porcelain of cylindrical form with a flattened rim edged in fuchi-beni (iron rim glaze), the upright sides slighly tapering to the short waisted foot, and decorated in underglaze blue with a continuous landscape scene featuring a pair of anglers by a riverbank near a viewing pavilion, fishing nets strung out to dry near a willow tree and two fishing boats, another viewing pavilion nestled among mountain peaks and rocky crags in the distance.


A cobalt-blue double ring to the base, some kiln-git adhering to the edge of the footrim, the glazed interior with a very small lacquer restoration to the edge of the interior rim.


2.67 inches diameter (6.8 cm diameter), 2.83 inches high (5.8 cm high)



A rare 17th C Japanese Arita Ai Kakiemon small koro (incense burner) c1690


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