Meissen, The Four Seasons, J J Kaendler, c.1745-50


An Exceedingly Rare & Large Meissen blanc-de-chine group

allegorical of Summer & Autumn from The Four Seasons

modelled by Johann Joachim Kändler (1706-1775)

circa 1745-55


Measuring 26 cm (10 inches) in height.



Private Collection, Montreal, Canada

Two swirling and scantily clad putti are paired with a faun to depict 'Summer & Autumn' of 'The Four Seasons' modeled by Johann Joachim Kaendler for Meissen. The naked figure of Summer, seated on a goat's back amidst wheat sheaves, twists to her right, propping her elbow on the rockwork base. In her right hand she carries a sickle. Her hair is drawn into a knot, crowned with two small wheatsheaves held in place by a headband. Below her, in a small nest shielded by ferns sprouting from the base, a partridge protects her eggs.

Autumn kneels on the base feeding a bunch of grapes to the recumbent goat. His head is crowned with a garland of leaves and grapes, and a tendril bearing bunches of grapes issues from the high-scroll and foliate moulded base with applied scattered leaves and flowerheads.

In very fine condition. Summer's sicle missing the tip, firing cracks and original plaster filler to the side rockwork on base. Of impressive height and size.

See associated figural group of Summer & Autumn.

Red wax collection seal to the flat-bottomed, unglazed base.

A mid 18thc Meissen figural group of Summer & Autumn, by J J Kaendler, c1745-50