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An important painted stained glass window, commemorating 

the 50th anniversary of The Union of Great Britain,

by Thomas Ward & Henry Hughes of London
circa 1852

Measuring 40 inches by 40 inches

The Union of England, Ireland and Scotland in 1802 is masterfully commemorated on this very fine and very rare stained glass window.  As representative of England, St. George and his Dragon are flanked by St. Andrew of Scotland to the left and St. Patrick of Ireland to the right.

The coloured glass fragments are hand-painted with extraordinary detailing, providing a spectrum of light still retaining the brilliance of the British Empire from a time when the sun never set on her domain. 

Measuring 40 inches in height and 40 inches in width, this luminous work of art is framed in its original Victorian mahogany frame.

Ward & Hughes of Frith Street, London, produced some of the finest English stained glass work of the 19th century.  Early pieces such as this demonstrate Thomas Ward's (1808-1870) unparalleled patterning and Henry Hughes' (1822-1883) exquisite figure compositions and colouring.

As the vast majority of their work was destroyed in Londonduring the blitz, this highly important example of 19th century English glass is an extraordinarily rare survivor.

A 19thc Ward & Hughes stained glass window, 'The Union of Great Britain' c1852


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